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Older news

V1.1.1 - Remote administration, rich tooltips, Flash webcam, bug fixes and optimizations...

This new version brings a lot of new functionalities, making it always richer while keeping its ease of use.

With the help of the ever-growing users community, a lot of optimization and debugging work lead to improved reliability and speed.
V1.1.1 finally fully supports latest generation browsers - Safari 3.12, Opera 9.51 and Firefox 3.0.

Remote administration

The ageing interface has been replaced by a brand new version offering the same functional richness and ergonomics as local administration does.

Rich tooltips


File sharing resources now offer a way to display information on files by simply hovering the mouse over them.
One can for example view EXIF data of an image, watch the beginning of a video, the first page of a PDF, the content of a ZIP file or a playlist, the first lines of a text file...

Flash Webcam
The webcam resource has also been rewritten and brings a better framerate through the use of a new Flash interface.

Remodeled user interface
admin User interface has been slightly tweaked for improved ease of use.
Its bottom banner now displays detailed information about server state and users connections.

A huge server-side and client-side code optimization work makes V1.1.1 faster and more responsive, thus improving performance and usability.

Other new features

  • Photo albums: EXIF data display
  • Photo albums: thumbnails generation progress indicator
  • Photo and video resources: thumbnails can be erased to be re-generated
  • iTunes and audio library: real-time asynchronous search engine
  • File explorer: files and folders can be copied instead of moved by pressing "Ctrl" key
  • File explorer: files and folders can be moved/copied to folder tree
  • Videos: automated GPL ffmpeg version installation
  • Videos: mkv format supported (GPL version must be reinstalled)
  • Videos: files may be sorted by date or size
  • Videos / music: audio volume level is kept when closing and reopening player
  • RSS feeds: full content of feeds can be displayed in a tooltip
  • Bookmarks: IE/Firefox/Opera bookmarks can now be imported into browser-independant bookmark sharing
  • Bookmarks: full support (read/save) of Firefox 3.0 bookmarks
  • Misc.: Norwegian version NO  (by Thomas Larsen).
  • Misc.: miscellaneous animations and graphical effects...

  • Server: Apache upgraded to V2.2.9, PHP upgraded to 5.2.6
  • Misc.: optimized javascript/HTML code, optimized jpg images size
  • Misc.: LZMA compression now used for updates (40% smaller packages)
  • Misc.: server memory useage reduced
  • Zip download: better zip compression

Bug fixes
  • Photo album: thumbnails quality problem (thumbnails size was systematically 160x120 on some PCs - Note: thumbnails must first be erased to be re-generated at correct dimensions)
  • Zip download: zip format fixed
  • Remote desktop: application crashes
  • Resources configuration: javascript error message when using MS script debugger
  • File explorer: 403 forbidden access when downloading some files
  • File explorer: directory browsing sometimes blocks page because of a javascript error
  • Photo albums and video: couldn't browse directories with IE6
  • Music access: locked display when subdirectories are not included
  • RSS Feeds: Javascript error messages with IE6/7
  • Connection: typing the right password now reset bad passwords counter
  • Compatibility: display issues with Firefox 3.0
  • Compatibility: display issues with Opera 9.5
  • Compatibility: display issues with Safari 3.12
  • Compatibility: Safari did not display audio player

V1.1.0 - iPhone/iPod touch version, new image and video visualization modules…

iPhone/iPod touch version

It is now possible to view your full-scale photos and videos (automatically encoded to Apple’s format), and listen to your music using Weezo and an iPhone or iPod touch.

Almost all resources have been adapted, thus also enabling you to chat, watch your webcam, publish your blog, remote control your computer...

No need for "jailbreaking" as all of this is being done through safari web browser...

Photo viewing module rewritten

This interface has totally been rewritten and now offers a very intuitive mouse handling of images.

It also includes a new image pre-caching system, which will mask loading time when browsing your photos.

Videos viewing module rewritten

This module has also been rewritten from scratch. User can now freely choose the plug-in (Flash, Videolan, Windows Media Player, Quicktime, DivX Web player) to view a video - according to source video’s format.

Besides, videos can now been pre-encoded using mp4/h264/AAC.

Other new features
  • Général : Polish version PL  (thanks to Janusz Grzybek).
  • General: automatic RSA keys re-generation
  • General: non-registered users are now informed of new versions
  • File sharing: UNC format now supported for shared directories
  • Administration: remote computer processes listing
  • Videos: thumbnail generation progress indicator
  • Audio libraries: whole library can be played in random order

  • Wii: improved interface and navigation speed, “freeze” problem solved
  • General : global code optimization (faster page generation, reduced CPU consumption
  • Web server: Apache upgraded to V 2.2.8
  • General: weezo app automatically rebooted by server if crashed
  • RSS Feeds: (much) faster display of large pages

  • Configuration: text selection problem in resources configuration
  • WebTV: error message when setting VLC path
  • Musique : correction d'un problème bloquant d'affichage avec IE6.
  • Music: page couldn't be display in IE6


Monitor your site's status and activity
Weezo Monitoring Widget - that can be used in Netvibes, iGoogle, Opera and Apple Dashboard - keeps you informed of your site's status and lists the connected users.
To use this Widget, you must have Weezo 1.0.9 or newer installed, and a Weezo account.

Download / installation :

Setup :
  • "Weezo Account" field: type in your Weezo account name
  • "Access Code": copy-paste the Monitoring Widget access code displayed into configuration tab of Weezo UI

V1.0.9 - TreeView, Windows 98/ME compatibility, new theme, bugfixes...

The new TreeView makes file browsing faster and easier.

Windows 98 / ME compatibility
V1.0.9 compatibility with those previous Windows versions allows "recycling" old PCs as Weezo servers.

Vista Clear theme
Themes list becomes richer with this new modern-looking theme.

Theme selection interface also evolves and gets more visual and ergonomic.

Other new features
  • General : german version DE
  • General : PHP upgraded to V5.2.5
  • Photo album (checkerboard) : thumbnails bar can be dragged with mouse
  • General : overall interfaces improvement and optimisation
  • Miscellaneous improvements...

1.0.9 Version also fixes numerous bugs
  • Installer : data lost on application upgrade
  • General : login problems on IE6 / IE7
  • General : better Vista UAC compatibility
  • General : service mode (Windows 2000/XP)
  • General : on-user-connection sound playing (Vista)
  • Général : ever-loading pages on IE/FF
  • Bittorrent : seeder connection problems for unregistered users
  • Videos : SSL flash video streaming on IE6 / IE7
  • External websites : windows size settings
  • Music access : subfolders inclusion problem
  • Music access : playlist playing with IE6 / IE7
  • General : automatic application update
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes...

V1.0.8 - Automatic modem / router configuration, BitTorrent, new web interface, new resources...

After 5 month of intensive development, Weezo V1.0.8 is out! This latest version underwent deep and thorough changes – new features, bugfixes and optimisations – to make it possibly the most powerful all-in-one remote access and private sharing tool.

  Modem / router automated configuration
Thanks to UPnP, Weezo is now able to automatically open and forward ports on most modems / routers. V1.0.8 is also able to configure XP’s firewall.

Installing and configuring Weezo has never been so easy

Web user interface evolution
New task bar, “start” menu and windows features make Weezo’s web interface a little closer to virtual desktop.

This version also includes the new “Vista black” theme.

Alongside with “classical” web download, it’s now possible to download files using BitTorrent clients.
This new protocol has been chosen for it’s ability to transfer huge files and to resume downloads. It is in no way an incitation to illegal download! This implementation will not allow clients to exchange files with one and other.

This resource will enable video stream re-encoding and redirection through Weezo. Stream capture is based on Videolan and accepts any HTTP/RTP/MMS or file-based input stream.

Other new resources...
  • "Audio library": this will automatically build a database with shared music information, and thus enable you to remotely access your music with an iTunes resource-like interface. You will so be able to sort and search your music.
  • "External Website" will enable you to embed any external website into your Weezo site.

Performances optimisation
Weezo now relies on latest Apache (2.2.6) and PHP (5.2.4) versions.
Advanced PHP Cache (APC) has been integrated to the server, and so reduces its load while improving overall performances.
Weezo’s interface graphical elements and html pages have been re-processed to gain size and therefore save bandwidth.

Other new features
Besides those evolutions, a lot of other new features have been included into this release, thus turning Weezo into an even more powerful tool:
  • Possibility to limit the number of simultaneous users connected to an account
  • Proxy support for outgoing connections
  • Uploads and zip downloads progress can now be tracked
  • Real-time video encoding can now display subtitles
  • Remote desktop increased performances
  • Possibility to reorder audio playlists items
  • Now compatible with Windows Vista UAC
  • ...

V1.0.8 also includes numerous bug fixes:
  • Nintendo Wii detection problem (resulting in the impossibility to use Weezo on some Wii)
  • Remote desktop: cropped desktop or horizontal blank lines seen on some computers
  • File sharing: some files whose name includes spaces couldn’t be downloaded
  • iTunes maximum quality limitation didn’t work
  • "Problem reading configuration file" on resource creation
  • More RSS formats supported
  • DOS windows doesn’t appears anymore on real-time audio or video reencoding
  • Data gathering and display fixed on statistics
  • ...

Webite redesigned

Website design has been modified to meet today's standards.
Content has also been updated.

V1.0.7 – Feeds aggregator, updated Wii media center...

Feed reader
This new version introduces a news aggregator, that will let you remotely read - or share - your RSS feeds. Feeds list can be automaticaly synched with IE7 or FF2 feeds, or with any OPML compliant aggregator software.

Wii Media Center
V1.0.7 complies with latest version of Opera for Wii browser, and thus enable full-screen video.

Evry item that could be dragged (icons, windows, images...) can now be launched.
Warning: this feature is absolutely useless

Other new features
  • Portuguese support
  • Audio profiles: each user group can now be personalized with it's own sounds played on user connection
  • Direct-link and resource can now be created simply by dragging and dropping files and folders over Weezo UI
  • New advanced configuration form
  • Possibility to chat with visitors simply by clicking on connection popup

This version also fixes several bugs...

Complete new features and bugfixes list in changelog

V1.0.6 - Bug fixes

This version corrects a few bugs linked to previous version. It also adds support of AAC and AIF audio files, dynamic client-side video resizing and a few UI optimizations.

V1.0.5 - Use Weezo as a Wii media center, access your iTunes library

Wiizo :)
Access your PC's content from your Wii
All you need is an internet-connected Wii with the Opera browser installed on.
This video shows how Weezo Wii media center works

Directly access and stream your iTunes audio library

iTunes screenshot 1iTunes screenshot 2

Main other changes
  • Spanish version
  • Possibility to start Weezo as a window service
  • Update to Apache 2.2.4 and PHP 5.2.1
  • Registered users can specify web page to display when their site is off-line
  • New resource management interface
  • Misc improvments in remote desktop
  • Audio player can now be embeded into browser window
  • Real-time audio reencoding from most audio formats to mp3 for being played by flash player

See the changelog for the complete list of changes (french only :( )

V1.0.4 Released !

Two major evolutions for the first 2007 version :

  • Direct link : Sending files has never been so easy !
    • Select the file - or folder - you want to send
    • Weezo automatically generates a web link (URL) which specifies the lifespan and maximum number of downloads
    • You can then communicate this link to anyone (using email, instant messaging or by copying it on a website),
    • He/she will just have to click on this link to begin downloading !

  • Chat :
    • It is now possible to chat with your visitors as well as let them chat together

Other new features :
  • Possibility to require your visitors to choose an alias - so you can know who access your site
  • Possibility to restrict Weezo to Local Area Network
  • "No pop-up" mode
  • Access lock-up after five wrong passwords typed
  • Opera browser full-screen flash video
  • ...

View complete new features and bug fixes list in the changelog (french only)

Registered users will automatically upgrade to V1.0.4 next time they start Weezo.

V1.0.3 released

    Main new features
  • Real-time flash video encoding and streaming
  • Download resume support
  • New "lite" theme designed for small-screen devices
  • Automatic version update tool

RSS newsfeed

You can now be informed of weezo news and updates through RSS newsfeed (French only)

Weezo V1.0.2 released

    Main new features
  • Added external MySQL+PHPMyAdmin module
  • Added external phpBB module
  • Added external dotclear module
  • Switching to Apache 2.2.3 / PHP 5.2.0
  • Added per user group download speed limit

Forum is on-line

For Weezo users and developpers. Forum is so far mainly used by French-speaking users but english questions should be answered...
  • Configuring routers and firewalls
  • Bugs
  • General use
  • Tips and tricks

Go to Forum

Weezo V1.0.1 released

    Main new features
  • IE 7 support
  • Added Firefox 2 bookmars support
  • Added blog editing functions
  • Added quicktime video support
  • Added new audio and video formats support (wmv, wma, ogg)