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Privacy / Security


Weezo and privacy

Privacy has been a major concern in the conception of Weezo.

privacy Everything is built on a direct communication between your visitors and your computer. No data is stored on (or even go through) our servers.

Only minimal data required for traffic routing and account management is stored.
Furthermore, personal weezo sites cannot be indexed by search engines, thus preventing unwanted automatic data replication.

Weezo architecture therefore guarantees that you'll have full control over your data availability, and that only authorized peoples can access it.

What are the benefits compared to traditional online solutions

Most document sharing solutions rely on online data storage.

Information is therefore stored on remote servers on which the users have no direct control.
Even if those solution providers are in most cases beyond reproach, this way of sharing data raises several issues:

Despite the fact that most online sharing sites offer the ability to control data access, users often let a lot of information publicly accessible.
Gathering data from several sites can in some cases allow third parties to constitute a very detailed profile of a given person.

Removing data may also be an issue: when requesting a removal, nothing can ensure files will be actually really deleted from servers.
Moreover, data may have been indexed and cached by search engines, and thus replicated on other publicly accessible servers. Removal is then almost impossible, and availability can no more be controlled.

Detailed information can finally be used by those sites to build detailed users profiles that could, among others things, be used for commercial purposes.

You can get more information on data privacy issues on Wikipedia.



Will anybody have access to all the files on my computer?

No, they won't!

You choose who can access what on your computer. You define the directories or files you wish to share and the associated access rights.
Only authorized users can download or modify your files!

Is there a security risk if I install Weezo on my computer?

Weezo is based on the most recent version of the Apache webserver. Apache is the engine of nearly 70% of all web sites worldwide. It is a reliable and extensively tested web server.
Installing this server on a personal computer does not in itself create a security threat - Apache is installed on Mac Os and is part of the package in the vast majority of Linux distributions.