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How to configure your router and firewall

In order to work properly, Weezo and Apache web server must be authorized to do outgoing connections (updating information on central server, creating thumbnails for internet bookmarks, resolving IP address ...).

    Hence, you must setup your firewall software to allow outgoing connections for the two following programs :
  • weezo.exe
  • weezoHttpd.exe

Moreover, you must allow inbound connections to Apache web server.

    Depending on your firewall and router (software or hardware), you must :
  • authorize incoming connections to WeezoHttpd.exe and/or
  • open port 80 (by default) inbound and/or
  • in the case your computer is on a local network behind a modem/router, redirect port 80 ("port forwarding") to the IP address of the computer hosting your Weezo server.


The procedure though is not that different from what you would do for a P2P software like emule or bittorrent.

You can read the online help for configuring emule, it is understandable enough with a good bunch of specific examples (link). Do not forget to replace the emule local port 4662 by the Apache server port 80 (by default).


You can test your site by clicking on the "Connect to the site ..." button at the bottom of the interface.