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V 4.3.0 - 05/27/2013

new News
  • New resource: SSH terminal
  • Simplified file explorer
  • PHP ugraded to 5.4.14
  • Improved file upload
  • Automatic server access testing
  • Misc. minor improvements
bugs Bugfixes
  • Misc. issues on login page with IE
  • Apache error message when closing Windows
  • Issues with Curl library
  • Misc. upload problems
  • Problems adding a file or a dir to shared elements
  • Misc. bugs

V 4.2.3 - 03/21/2013

new News
  • PHP ugraded to 5.4.11
  • ffmpeg upgraded 1.1
  • Brand new Webcam resource, with audio support and WebM/Ogg/Flash video streaming
  • Photos can now be displayed in real-fullscreen (on compatible browsers)
  • Remote computer control can now be displayed in real-fullscreen (on compatible browsers)
  • Video files preview now display audio/video streams codecs
  • Resource configuration: directory can now be dragged over interface
  • Default photo thumbnails can now be configured
  • Photo configuration can now be locked
  • Shared file list modification is now active for logged-in users
  • Many improvements in user interface and resources layouts
bugs Bugfixes
  • Issue with integrated resource creation
  • Facebook account login problem
  • Display issue with accented shared directories
  • Chat: cannot open chat log
  • Error message displayed when downloading a file through a short link
  • Cannot use a png file as background image
  • Issue with non-ascii passwords for direct resource access
  • Disconnection issue with password-less direct resource access
  • Directory browse windows doesn't display when Weezo is launched as a Windows service
  • Misc. issues with photos full-size display
  • Disconnection issues with direct resource access if third-party website cookies are disabled in browser
  • Misc. plugin tool improvement
  • Access rights issue when moving / copying a file
  • Bandwidth limitation is not valid for audio streaming
  • Misc. bugs

V 4.1.0 - 12/13/2012

new News
  • Overal graphical improvement
  • PHP 5.3.19 upgrade
  • Improved drag & drop file upload
  • Express setup mode
  • Browser video capabilities detection
  • Files explorer: search tool can now search in files content
bugs Bugfixes
  • Misc. bugfixes

V 4.0.1 - 10/16/2012

new New features
  • Updated resources icons
  • Improved mobile photo thumbnails quality
  • IP addresses geolocation

bugs Bugfixes
  • User interface bugs
  • Reencoded audio streaming issue
  • Misc. bugs...

V 4.0 - 09/24/2012

new New features
  • Wall
  • HTML5 Video Player (with fullscreen support)
  • HTML5 audio player
  • User Interface makeover
  • Improved mobile interface
  • New type of user group: User List
  • Users can note the shared files
  • Resources can be mounted as network drives (WebDAV)
  • Per user group resources access rights management
  • Remote desktop now supports mousewheel
  • Remote desktop now displays the remote cursor
  • Profile Management: can choose between and
  • Short links for resource and direct downloads access
  • Complete rewrite of the Windows service mode
  • Weezo service can be started without administrator rights
  • Improved management of transfers
  • An information message is displayed on server when a direct download is starting
  • Exif images title displayed
  • Help screen displayed for the 1st display screen sharing
  • Various RSS resource improvements
  • Playlist can be dynamically created in the music libraries
  • Right click and double click support on file explorer resources
  • Possibility to e-mail files directly from the server to the recipient
  • Video thumbnail is displayed above the video progress bar
  • DLL and OCX dependency removed
  • Misc. User interface Optimizations
  • New button to add a shared directory to a "files and folders" shared content
  • Automatic port selection when the server port is already used by another program
  • Possibility to use any port for SSL mode
  • Possibility to set a "serverName" in the file general.ini for SSL certificate generation
  • PHP 5.3.17
  • Apache 2.2.23

V 3.0 - 10/20/2011

new New features
  • New "Simple" mode
  • Resizable interface
  • New "Configuration" tab
  • New "Start" tab
  • New "Community" tab
  • New "Activity" tab
  • Connections monitoring: user browser is displayed
  • Server: on Apache startup error, error detail is displayed
  • Server: startup and initialisation state is displayed
  • account: account name can be retrieved with account email
  • account: account name can be modified
  • Direct access links can now be directly shared by mail, twitter
  • Configuration backup: extensions settings are now saved
  • Direct access links can be sent to a mobile using QR Code
  • New integrated error reporting tool
  • Windows 7 context menu integration
  • Project support button
Server and tools
  • Dual mode for Apache & PHP : VC6 and VC9 (Windows XP SP3 and better)
  • ffmpeg video encoder upgraded to V0.8.5 "Love"
  • PHP upgraded to V5.2.17 and V5.3.8
  • Apache upgraded to 2.2.21
  • Sqlite 2 database engine replaced by PDO Sqlite 3
  • Improved server startup error handling
  • SSL can now be applied to alternate port even if different from 443
  • Server access test: all ports are tested (including alternate and bittorrent ports)
Mobile interface
  • HP Touchpad support
  • Video streaming support on Android devices (with Flash player)
  • WebTV support on Android and webOS devices (with Flash player)
  • Files explorer: new files + folders display
  • Blog: misc. Interface improvements
  • Login: password is now hidden
  • New mobile theme
  • Audio library: whole artist or album can now be directly played
  • Audio library: Flash player is used on Android devices if installed
  • HTML5 Video support, with WebM and Ogg Theora formats
  • H264 codec support for Flash videos (GPL version of ffmpeg needed)
  • New reencoding sizes (including 720p)
  • Video ratio can be modified
  • Audio library: new "CD Wall" view
  • Audio library: audio reencoding may now be changed by user
  • Audio explorer: updated page layout with maximised space for files
  • Flac format support
Remote Desktop
  • New HTML5 remote control desktop
  • New "Read only" remote desktop
  • Improved quality for IE6, iPhone and Android
  • Facebook friends may now login using "Facebook Connect"
  • Coverflow login page may now be controlled with keyboard
  • Chrome browser: files can be downloaded by a simple drag and drop from the browser to the desktop
  • Logged users may now leave comments on your personal space using Facebook comments
  • WebTV resource entirely rewritten (new playlists, channels icons, VLC not needed)
  • Audio explorer, video and multimedia resources: new file search tool
  • Photo sharing: photos can now be viewed in full screen mode
  • Resources icons can be customized
  • Files explorers: single files can now be downloaded with bittorent
  • RSS feeds: website address may be typed instead of feed's address
  • New option to prevent computer from going to sleep

bugs Bugfixes
  • Files explorer: zip download issues
  • Audio library: database generation issues on ill-tagged mp3s
  • Remote administration: CPU usage indication error
  • Remote interface: misc. windows issues
  • Direct links: misc. access issues
  • BitTorrent transfers: misc. issues
  • IE: misc. HTTPS alert messages issues
  • Mobile interface: misc. issues
  • Linux access: misc. fonts issues
  • General: 'Run-time error 5' when starting Weezo
  • General: user disconnection issues
  • Audio librarie: issues with some characters in file names
  • Files Explorer: search issues
  • IE9, Chrome & Firefox: misc. display bugs
  • General: issue when starting Apache server for the 1st time
  • Files transfers: large files download issues
  • HTML/PHP websites: better compatibility with third-party scripts
  • IP access restriction: issue with some rules
  • Server: misc. issues with httpd compatibility mode
  • Files explorer: server crashing when trying to delete a read-only file
  • Misc. bugs...

V 2.1 - 06/30/2010

new New features
  • New direct resource access / sharing mode
  • iPad compatibility
  • HTML5 Drag & Drop upload
  • WebM support for video files
  • Audio playlist support on Android
  • Configuration backup tool
  • Users can be banned

  • Multiple mobile interface improvements
  • Zip download improvements

bugs Bugfixes
  • Issue with weezoFfmpeg not terminating
  • Audio issue on flash video streaming
  • Misc. issues on files list sharing
  • Misc. bugs...

V 2.0.0b - 05/21/2010

new New features
  • Mobile version
  • New "send" feature, BitTorrent and streaming formats supported
  • New "Publish" feature, enabline users to embed medias into external web pages
  • Aero interface (Vista / W7)
  • Installation / configuration wizard
  • Plugins management tool
  • Clients may now customize their desktop. "Single user" account will restore settings on reconnection
  • Site and users activity may be tracked on a Twitter account, on a personal website, or forwarded to Growl
  • New PHP session management system, hardened compatibility with third parties PHP scripts / extensions
  • Client's browsers are displayed into activity tab
  • Firewall and UPnP mapping may be reset on exit
  • File explorers: user may share a list of files and directories instead of a single dir's content
  • File explorers: user may toggle thumbnails, and select thumbnails size
  • Security: unauthenticated direct connections may be rejected
  • File explorers: display embedded icon of .exe and .ico files
  • File explorers: tree view may be sorted
  • Photo, video and multimedia albums: updated layouts
  • HTML Web Site: PHP / MySQL sites supported
  • Video album: users may upload videos, users may use multiple download feature
  • Proxy: possiblity to forbid access to LAN and localhost
  • Remote administration: process icons are displayed
  • Bookmarks: extensions completely rewritten and merged
  • iPhone: playlists supported, new image drag feature
  • Resources configuration: save/cancel buttons removed

  • Pages layout: lighter page sturcture, faster display, transparency effects, animations
  • Files explorers: server-side cache, faster display
  • RSS feeds: faster display
  • PHP: new version (5.2.12)
  • Apache: new version (2.2.15)
  • Ffmpeg: new version (>0.51)

bugs Bugfixes
  • Video and multimedia display issues (2.0.0b)
  • Reencoded MP3 bitrate issue (2.0.0b)
  • Windows context menu integration issues (2.0.0a)
  • Audio libraries: incorrectly displayed UTF8 encoded tags
  • File explorer: "protected file" displayed when moving a file
  • some images are not correctly displayed
  • Chrome and Safari display issues
  • File explorer: misc bugs with tree view
  • Chat: random freezes
  • RSS feeds: feeds could sometimes not be refreshed
  • RSS feeds: icons incorrectly displayed
  • Videos: videos sometimes freeze
  • Videos: some problems with very long videos
  • Videos on Wii: videos freeze after 5 minutes
  • Connection: unciphered password with non-ansii characters may be rejected
  • User activity: messages are now displayed in UI language and not client language
  • OS/Vista/Simple themes: some icons sometimes disapear
  • Resources configuration: changes not saved depending on local IE security settings

V 1.3.0 - 03/12/2009

new New features
  • Centralized authentication
  • Direct resource link can be included into URL (
  • Resources can be opened in a separate browser window
  • Server connection indicator
  • Password complexity indicator
  • Chat: webcam support
  • Photos: display number of images and position of current image
  • File explorer: possibility to search for files
  • File explorer: better layout, faster display
  • Remote desktop: multi-screen support
  • Remote administration: new MSDOS interface
  • Music: better ID3 tags handling

bugs Bugfixes
  • Server access test may return false answer when several weezo running on same LAN
  • "Index out of bounds" error when selecting a client in activity panel
  • Apache access.log file size limit
  • File explorer: problem uploading large files
  • Video: DivX web player problems
  • Bookmarks: problems displaying FF3 bookmarks
  • Audio libraries: script hanging while generating database
  • Audio: incorrect lenght displayed for some mp3s
  • Audio: artist and album names might be wrong for some OGG and FLAC files
  • Proxy: misc. bugs fixed
  • Statistics: some buttons didn't work
  • Misc. minor bugfixes

  • upgraded to PHP 5.2.9 et Apache 2.2.11
  • Windows 7 compatibility
  • Photos: optimized image resizing algorithm (x5 faster)

V 1.2.2 - 12/05/2008

New features
  • Resource configuration: simple / advanced config mode
  • File explorer: better page layout
  • Video player: better buffer handling
  • Photo: default sort order can be configured
  • Proxy: some cache files put at disk root
  • Multiple upload: compatibility issue with Firefox et Opera
  • Video: couldn't download ffmpeg GPL version
  • Browsing: Chrome compatibility issues
  • Browsing: potential compatibility issues with some add blockers

V 1.2.1a - 11/30/2008

  • Application: problem with service installation
  • File explorer: blocked browsing if no upload allowed
  • Audio library: problem reading mal-formed ID3 tags
  • Remote desktop: stability issues
  • Video: video stops in case of buffer underrun/li>

V 1.2.0 - 11/26/2008

New features
  • Application: new resource (Proxy)
  • Application: new resource (Winamp library)
  • Application: new resource (Multimedia)
  • Application: connections and viewed content history
  • Application: real-time user activity tracking
  • Application: included bandwidth meter (weezoPicoNetMeter.exe)
  • Application: direct links can be created directly from Windows explorer (right click integration)
  • Application: Weezo can be run as Windows Service (2000, 2003, XP, Vista)
  • Application: real-time application of configuration, creation and removal of resources to connected users
  • Application: possibility to view an history of connections and to track content viewed by users
  • Application: tray icon’s tooltip show detailed server info (state, external IP, connected users…)
  • Application: SSL certificate is now generated using actual server name (IP address)
  • Remote desktop: quality and speed can be dynamically adjusted
  • Remote desktop: graphical display of special keys
  • Files explorer, music, photos and videos: clients may upload multiple files simutaneously
  • Photos: slideshow speed can be dynamically adjusted
  • Photos: photos can be sorted by name, size or date
  • Photos (mosaic): new thumbnails display
  • Photos (checkerboard): a preview is displayed when hovering over thumbnails
  • Flash audio player: next track pre-buffering, non-linear volume control
  • Audio libraries: ID3 tag embedded images supported, better cover detection algorithm, better handling of ID3 tags
  • Audio libraries: ASF, WMA, M4P, QT, AAC, AIF, FLAC and OGG tags supported
  • Audio libraries: playlists can be played in external players (m3u format)
  • Audio libraries: album artist used for grouping
  • iTunes library: iTunes 8 compatibility (cover art)
  • Files explorer: tooltips display folders content
  • WebTV: now compatible with VLC>0.9.0, new flash player, Wii compatible
  • Application / server: global performance improvement
  • Application: better UPnP port forwarding
  • Application: upgraded to Apache 2.2.10
  • Application: translations updated
  • Application: new opcode (Xcache)
  • Remote desktop: global performance improvement
  • Application: application hangs at first startup on UPnP failure
  • Application: ever restarting server when Apache access logs enabled
  • Application: cleaner uninstall
  • Remote administration: data problem in resources configuration
  • Remote desktop: image flickering in Opera 9.5x
  • Remote desktop: problems sending some characters in clipboard
  • Photos: slideshow misc. Problems (double caching images, keyboard shortcuts not working, flickerings…)
  • Photos: thumbnails generation issues on Win 2000/2003.
  • Photos: session hanging on thumbnails generation
  • Videos: session hanging when launching a video streaming
  • Files explorer: direct access button couldn’t be clicked
  • Music: server crash when reading malformated ID3 tags
  • Music: non-mp3 songs could not be played by flash player if no maximum quality set
  • Flash audio player: incorrect song name displayed
  • Bookmarks configuration: edition options no more disabled when FF3 is installed
  • Local HTML site: any HTML home page can be set
  • Chat: "XML Error" when opened in Weezo user interface
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes…

V 1.1.1 - 07/03/2008

New features
  • File explorer, photo albums and videos: rich tooltips displaying files information
  • Webcam: flash module
  • Remote administration: new accounts and resource interface
  • User interface: new bottom banner
  • Photo albums: EXIF data displayed
  • Photo albums: thumbnails generation progress indicator
  • Photo and video resources: thumbnails can be erased to be re-generated
  • iTunes and audio library: real-time asynchronous search engine
  • File explorer: files and folders can be copied instead of moved by pressing "Ctrl" key
  • File explorer: files and folders can be moved/copied to folder tree
  • Videos: automated GPL ffmpeg version installation
  • Videos: mkv format supported (GPL version must be reinstalled)
  • Videos: files may be sorted by date or size
  • Videos / music: audio volume level is kept when closing and reopening player
  • RSS feeds: full content of feeds can be displayed in a tooltip
  • Bookmarks: IE/Firefox/Opera bookmarks can now be imported into browser-independant bookmark sharing
  • Bookmarks: full support (read/save) of Firefox 3.0 bookmarks
  • Misc.: Norwegian version NO  (by Thomas Larsen).
  • Misc.: miscellaneous animations and graphical effects...

  • Server: Apache upgraded to V2.2.9, PHP upgraded to 5.2.6
  • Misc.: optimized javascript/HTML code, optimized jpg images size
  • Misc.: LZMA compression now used for updates (40% smaller packages)
  • Misc.: server memory useage reduced
  • Zip download: better zip compression

Bug fixes
  • Photo album: thumbnails quality problem (thumbnails size was systematically 160x120 on some PCs - Note: thumbnails must first be erased to be re-generated at correct dimensions)
  • Zip download: zip format fixed
  • Remote desktop: application crashes
  • Resources configuration: javascript error message when using MS script debugger
  • File explorer: 403 forbidden access when downloading some files
  • File explorer: directory browsing sometimes blocks page because of a javascript error
  • Photo albums and video: couldn't browse directories with IE6
  • Music access: locked display when subdirectories are not included
  • RSS Feeds: Javascript error messages with IE6/7
  • Connection: typing the right password now reset bad passwords counter
  • Compatibility: display issues with Firefox 3.0
  • Compatibility: display issues with Opera 9.5
  • Compatibility: display issues with Safari 3.12
  • Compatibility: Safari did not display audio player

V 1.1.0 - 04/13/2008

    New features
  • iPhone / iPod touch adaptation
  • Photos viewing module rewritten
  • Videos viewing module rewritten
  • Polish version
  • General: automatic RSA keys re-generation
  • General: non-registered users are now informed of updates
  • Administration: remote computer processes listing
  • Videos: thumbnail generation progress indicator
  • Audio libraries: whole library can be played in random order
  • File sharing: UNC format now supported for shared directories
  • General: added shortcuts to document root, data, and shared files in main Weezo directoy
  • Music: new Flash player supporting ID3 tags
  • Improvements
  • Wii: improved interface and navigation speed, “freeze” problem solved
  • Web server: Apache upgraded to V 2.2.8
  • General: global code optimization (faster page generation, reduced CPU)
  • General: improved internationalization
  • General: weezo app automatically rebooted by server if crashed
  • General: images and streamed videos are now included in traffic limitation
  • File explorer: faster pages display
  • File explorer: remote downloads can now resume
  • File explorer: updated text syntax highlighting
  • RSS Feeds: (much) faster display of large pages
  • RSS Feeds: better images display
  • iTunes library: verification of audio files existence
  • Video: improved flash player with full-screen button and audio volume control
  • Bugfixes
  • Server: cache problems
  • Server: some crashes fixed
  • General: javascript bug when displaying a centered wallpaper
  • General: weezoAccess blocking access to other groups in some cases
  • General: error connecting server at startup
  • Registration process: PHP error - invalid key problem
  • Configuration: text selection problem in resources configuration
  • WebTV: error message when setting VLC path
  • Music: page couldn't be display in IE6
  • Music: some playlists couldn't be played
  • iTunes sharing: some configuration options couldn't be saved
  • File explorer: impossible to upload in some directories
  • File explorer: problem selecting folders while browsing
  • File explorer: transfers status update sometime resulted in a javascript error
  • File explorer: CPU consumption problem
  • Remote desktop: misc bugs fixed
  • External website: problems creating resource
  • Video: server hanging when real-time reecoding videos
  • Video: width/height ratio problem when playing files with QT or WMP
  • Photos: while browsing, only 1st image could be downloaded
  • RSS Feeds: fixed OPML import bug
  • RSS Feeds: could not modify the URL of a created feed
  • WebTV: error when changing VLC path

V 1.0.9A - Mon, 24 Dec 2007

    New features
  • File explorers: TreeView
  • General: Windows 98 / ME compatibility
  • General: Vista Clear theme
  • General: New theme selection form
  • General: german version
  • General: PHP upgraded to V5.2.5
  • Photo album (checkerboard): thumbnails bar can be dragged with mouse
  • General: overall interfaces improvement and optimisation
  • Miscellaneous improvements...
  • Bugfixes
  • Installer: data lost on application upgrade
  • General: login problems on IE6 / IE7
  • General: better Vista UAC compatibility
  • General: service mode (Windows 2000/XP)
  • General: on-user-connection sound playing (Vista)
  • ever-loading pages on IE/FF
  • Bittorrent: seeder connection problems for unregistered users
  • Videos: SSL flash video streaming on IE6 / IE7
  • External websites: windows size settings
  • Music access: subfolders inclusion problem
  • Music access: playlist playing with IE6 / IE7
  • General: automatic application update
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes...

V 1.0.8 - Mon, 29 Oct 2007

    New features
  • UPnP port mapping
  • Apache upgraded to 2.2.6, PHP upgraded to 5.2.4
  • proxy support for outgoing connexions
  • possibility to limit simultaneous connections to an user account
  • server’s IP changes monitored (registered users only)
  • when server’s port is already used, name of application is displayed
  • Weezo can now be started and stopped using a command line
  • Vista’s UAC compliance (data are now located in application data folder)
  • web interface evolution (taskbar, start menu, windows can be reduced)
  • Themes: new “Vista Black” theme
  • Resources: new “WebTV” resource
  • Resources: new “Audio library” resource
  • Resources: new “External website” resource
  • Resources: clients can now dynamically reconfigure resources
  • File sharing: BitTorrent protocol support
  • File sharing: upload progress meter
  • File sharing: system and hidden files are now protected
  • File sharing: zip / BitTorrent download area now displays number and total size of files
  • Photo album – checkerboard: client can now switch between 3 kinds of display
  • Video sharing: subtitles are now supported on real-time reencoded videos (srt, sub or txt formats)
  • Video sharing: added a “close video” button for Wii
  • Remote desktop: improved performances and Bugfixes
  • Web interface: displayed warning when entering a password with enabled caps-lock
  • Web interface: icon’s position is saved and won’t be anymore reseted at login
  • Web interface: png compression optimisation
  • Audio streaming: playlist can now be reordered
  • Audio streaming: rbs format supported
  • Bugfixes
  • Fixed: Nintendo Wii detection problem (resulting in the impossibility to use Weezo on some Wii)
  • Fixed: Possibility to connect to a “named users” account without appearing into connected users list
  • Fixed: Downloaded file names are no more lowercased
  • Fixed: Cropped desktop or horizontal blank lines that appeared on some user’s remote desktop
  • Fixed: some theme’s wallpaper could not be modified
  • Fixed: V2.4 ID3 tag read problem (audio streaming)
  • Fixed: Max output quality not applied on iTunes resource
  • Fixed: “Problem reading configuration file” on resource creation
  • Added: more RSS formats support
  • Fixed: DOS window appearing on real-time video and audio reencoding
  • Fixed: no more clicliclicclicliclicclicliclicclicliclic when watching a real-time reencoded video on IE
  • Fixed: “Script not responding” message after 10mn of reencoded video on FF2
  • Fixed: in some cases impossible to log back to a “single user” account after improper disconnection
  • Fixed: Data gathering and display on statistics

V 1.0.7 - Wed, 09 May 2007

    New features
  • Resources: Feeds aggregator
  • Wii: compatible with latest Opera browser
  • General: drag’n’lauch
  • General: Portuguese version
  • General: Direct-link and resource creation by simple drag and drop over Weezo UI
  • General: New advanced configuration form
  • Chat: Possibility to chat with visitors simply by clicking on connection popup
  • File browser: new close-on-upload-completed option
  • File browser: possibility to exclude access to specific subfolders of shared folders
  • Bugfixes
  • Firefox crash on video window closing
  • Wrong display of iTunes compilations
  • Video display ratio problem
  • Malfunctioning "add everything" to multiple downloads button
  • Remote administration resource creation bug
  • "error parsing php.ini..." message