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Weezo 4.3 - Simplified files explorer, and new HTML SSH client

Files explorer
The files explorer interface has been cleaned up to offer a simpler experience.

SSH Terminal
A brand new HTML SSH client has been integrated to Weezo resources. This SSH client will allow occasional Linux server management through a simple web browser.

Weezo 4.3 also fixes some bugs and upgrade server components.

video Support Weezo
As you may have noticed, Weezo is totally free: free to install, free to play, and ad free.
And of course, as privacy is our main concern, no personal data will ever be sold.

This 100% free model is now possible thanks to low developpement and hosting costs. But increasing number of users and growing complexity of Weezo require more and more time and efforts.

So if you use and like Weezo, and want it to remain the best remote access and private sharing software, please consider helping by donating.
This support will be very much appreciated.

Thank you for your help!


Weezo 4.2 - More stable, evolutive and convenient

By upgrading to latest PHP and ffmpeg versions, and by fixing many bugs, Weezo greatly improves its stability and make a big step toward future evolutions.

Beside this, resources smoothly evolve towards greater simplicity and convenience.


Weezo 4.0 - Improved

Weezo 4 interface

Improved Interface
The user interface is more coherent and clear: all of the principal functions are now accessible in two clicks.
Remote browser and mobile interfaces have also been subject to various improvements, and are therefore more practical and responsive than before.

Access your shared files as if they were on your hard drive
You want to work remotely and directly access the content of your shared files through your file explorer? Click on "enable network disk access" and the shared files of a resource instantly become accessible as a network drive.
This will enable you to work on a Word document or copy / paste files as if you were directly on the remote computer.
Advanced user groups and resources management
Weezo 4 re-enforces user groups and access rights management through two major changes:
  • With multi-user groups, you can define a list of people, each with his own login and personalized environment. As it just takes seconds to create a new user, managing large number of users is greatly simplified.
  • The main resources parameters can now be adjusted independently for each user group: the "friends" group can for example be authorised to leave comments on your photos, whereas the "public" group would only be able to see them.


By adding a Wall on your Weezo personal space, you can instantly share messages, photos, videos, web links and even Google maps.
Visitors can be authorised to leave comments or to post their own content.
Link up your Twitter or Facebook account and your Tweets and Facebook messages will automatically be posted on your Weezo Wall.

100% HTML5
Flash is no longer required to play films or music: audio and video can now be played with HTML5 players both on computers and mobiles.
And to ensure an optimal viewing experience, videos can be viewed in full screen on compatible browsers.

emailing files Short links
Links to resources and direct downloads can now be shortened. Those short links are as simple as:

Easier to remember, you can even transmit them orally!

More mobile
You are away from home and want to send a file to a friend?
Directly from your mobile, select the file and click on "share" to generate a direct download link.
If you prefer classical methods, you can remotely order the server to email the file straight to the recipient.



new interface

Weezo 3.0 - Richer, simpler...

mobileNew user interface
Weezo user interface has been entirely rewritten and now offers two modes:
  • A "simple" mode, for users who need a fast and easy access to Weezo core features,
  • An "advanced" mode, which gives access to Weezo full power

In both cases, sharing gets even simpler: it now only takes one click to send a link by mail or to publish it on Facebook, Twitter or any other social network.

QR CodeMobile access has also been simplified: the use of QR codes turns link transmission as simple as a snapshot!
videoImproved video streaming
Video streaming has been totally refactored: HTML 5 videos are now supported, with both WebM and Ogg Theora formats. Flash video can now rely on the high-performance h264 codec.
Last but not least, Android users may now benefit real-time video streaming on their device.

mobile access

mobileDrag & drop file upload and download
Google Chrome is your browser? Downloading a file from your Weezo space is as simple as a Windows file copy: just drag the files from your Weezo space to your computer and the download begins!
File upload is just as simple: drop the files you want to upload on your Weezo space to start the transfer (only with Firefox, Chrome or Safari).

mobileHTML 5 remote desktop
Weezo 3 introduces the first Windows full-HTML5 remote access tool: a modern web browser is all it takes to remote-control your computer. No dedicated client, java or ActiveX plugin is required.
HTML5 remote desktop

mobileMore interaction
Let your friends participate by allowing them to let messages and comments on your Weezo space.
The use of the Facebook social plugin offers a convenient way to write messages as well as easy user identification.
mobileSimplified login
Let your Facebook friends simply and securely access your Weezo space: through Facebook login, they will securely access the resources you want to share with them without the prior need to transmit a password.
mobile access
mobileAnd many other new features…
Weezo 3 includes over 50 new features: desktop sharing for remote assistance, improved desktop and mobile remote interfaces, Flash audio streaming on Android Phones, HP Touchpad support, resources icons customization, improved events display, zip downloads optimization, single file BitTorrent download, new audio and video formats support, NAT-PMP port mapping, entirely rewritten WebTV module, new server and encoding tool version... Changelog

V 2.1 - iPad compatibility, simple sharing mode, HTML 5 Drag & Drop upload, WebM support...

Get rid of the burden of encoding your videos and transferring them on your iPad with iTunes: just select the videos you want to access and start streaming!
This version will also let you view full-size photos without any restriction, remotely control your computer, access your bookmarks or RSS feeds...

shareSimplified sharing
Weezo 2.1 makes sharing even simpler! Just select the "Direct resource access" option, send the link to the recipient and that's it!
direct sharing

miscOther new features
Multiple files upload through HTML 5 Drag & Drop (Firefox 3.6+, Chrome 5+, Safari 5+), WebM format support, configuration backup tool, better mobile interface, bugfixes...
See Changelog for a complete list of changes.


V 2.0 - Mobile access, BitTorrent file sending, new file-sharing mode, increased performances, Aero interface...

The Weezo team is proud to announce the immediate availability of Weezo 2.0.

This new version represents a major step forward: bunches of new features, as well as optimizations and bugfixes bring Weezo to an unmatched level of power and ease of use.

admin mobileMobile access
Weezo desktop can now be accessed through any web-enabled smartphone.
You'll now be able to access most functions from virtually anywhere: file upload/download, audio streaming, webcam, RSS feeds, bookmarks, chat, remote computer wake-up and shutdown...

This evolution also applies to iPhone interface, which ergonomics has greatly evolved from version 1.1.0, and now supports real-time video streaming and audio playlists.

admin AeroNew User Interface

User Interface has been extensively redesigned, for greater ease of use and simplicity.
A configuration wizard now guides user through first steps.

Vista and Windows Seven users may select a new "Aero" interface using OS's transparency features.

filesNew shared files selection mode
Up to now, photo, video and file sharing where restricted to the content of a single directory.
With V2 comes the possibility to share custom lists of files and folders: just drag & drop the content you want to share over Weezo interface and it's online !

File sharing user interface also evolved: clients may now switch between view - list, small medium or large thumbnails, just as in your Windows explorer.
  admin stickynotesSticky notes
The new embedded sticky note feature will allow users to let messages to each other or to leave comments on your site.
pluginsPlugin manager
Weezo now integrates a plugin management tool, which will allow download, installation, update and removal of user extensions.

Five new extensions are available. phpBB, Uebimiau, phpMyAdmin and Ffmpeg have been updated to latest versions:

admin direct linkBitTorrent file sending

Files sending can now rely on BitTorrent protocol, perfectly adapted to large files transfer: download resume, IP change proof and bandwidth control.

Sending large files is now as simple as a few clicks: select the file(s) to send, and Weezo generate a link you just have to transmit to the recipient. Clicking on this link will download a ".torrent" file that can be opened by any BitTorrent client.

Of course, Weezo's BitTorrent file transfers are 100% private. No third party may see or download transferred files.

streamingInstant streaming
File sending has also been improved with the possibility to generate "streaming links": instead of being downloaded, files will instantly be streamed to the recipient. Along with an instant messaging software for link transmission, this feature will let you share music or videos within seconds!

newOther new features
  • PHP / MySQL site hosting: an in-depth reworking of Weezo architecture made possible custom PHP site hosting: just select the index PHP file and your site is accessible through your Weezo desktop! An integrated custom MySQL tool automates database creation, thus simplifying MySQL configuration.
  • Files publication: you may now embed videos, photos, playlists, download links or even any resource into a blog or external website.
  • Bookmarks sharing: this resource has been entirely reworked and now has a proper interface and a few new functionalities.
  • Activity monitoring: your server and users activity can now monitored on your Twitter account, on a personal web page (FTP) or sent to Growl.
  • User preferences: users may now modify theirs settings - theme, desktop background, language, password... Those preferences will be saved and restored at next login.

As a result of an in-depth optimization of javascript and pages layout, a new file info cache system, and an upgrade to latest versions of Apache/PHP/ffmpeg, Weezo desktop loading and display is now a lot faster.

V2 also fixes bugs: streaming of large video files, video streaming on Wii, resource configuration save issues, display bugs...

See Changelog for a complete list of fixes.

V 1.3.0 - Centralized authentication, webcam chat, optimizations and misc. improvements

lock Centralized authentication

Visitors can now be authenticated before being redirected to your computer: your IP address is thus hidden from non-authorized persons.

This page explains how standard and centralized authentications work.

Centralized authentication does of course respect Weezo's privacy and security principles: no sensitive data goes unencrypted between the client's browsers and your computer, and neither nor any other third-party can read group names and passwords.

Centralized authentication is only available to registered users. This option can be turned on and off from the profile management form.

chat + webcam Webcam chat

People can now also display one another's webcam while chatting.

This new feature, based on flash player technology, does not require any software installation on the client's computer.

new Performances
Image resizing algorithm has been rewritten and is now five time faster.
File explorer has also been improved and offers faster browsing.

new Other new features
V 1.3.0 includes several new features requested by users, such as a search function in explorer, the possibility to open resources in separate windows, a remote MS-DOS interface, multi-screen management for remote desktop...
  • Common: direct resource link can be included into URL (
  • Common: server connection indicator
  • Common: password complexity indicator
  • Photos: display number of images and position of current image
  • File explorer: possibility to search for files
  • File explorer: better layout, faster display
  • Music: better ID3 tags handling

bugs Bugfixes
  • Common: server access test may return false answer when several weezo running on same LAN
  • Common: "Index out of bounds" error when selecting a client in activity panel
  • Common: apache access.log file size limit
  • Common: Windows XP SP2 Firewall issues
  • File explorer: problem uploading large files
  • Video: DivX web player problems
  • Bookmarks: problems displaying FF3 bookmarks
  • Audio libraries: script hanging while generating database
  • Audio: incorrect lenght displayed for some mp3s
  • Audio: artist and album names might be wrong for some OGG and FLAC files
  • Proxy: misc. bugs fixed
  • Statistics: some buttons didn't work
  • Misc. minor bugfixes

  • Common: upgraded to PHP 5.2.9-1 and Apache 2.2.11
  • Common: Windows 7 compatibility

See complete changelog.

V 1.2.2 - Bugfixes

This version fixes bugs found in version 1.2.0, and brings some new features and optimizations.

See Changelog for full details.

V 1.2.1a – Remote computer wake up, new resources, bugfixes and performance improvement

plug Remote computer wake up (Wake-On-Wan)
Bringing the ability to remotely wake up and shutdown your PC, this new version might revolutionize the way you’re using your computer and Weezo:

Once configured it just takes a password on (SSL secured) website to send the remote wake up command and boot up your computer.

Keeping the computer always on is therefore not needed anymore. Your data will be accessible anytime!

Note: This function needs your hardware – router and network adapter – to be compatible.
You’ll find help and configuration tips on this page

proxymultimediaproxy Proxy, Winamp library, Multimedia resource


V1.2.0 brings three new resources:
  • The new embedded proxy allows web traffic redirection through one’s Weezo site.
    It both allows bypassing some web browsing restrictions, and accessing local software web interfaces.

  • As for iTunes, streaming from your Winamp library is now possible.

  • ”Multimedia” combines the features of audio, video and photo content sharing / streaming in a single resource.

am Multiple upload
admin V1.2.0 introduces the (long) awaited feature of simultaneous multi-file upload: it is now possible to select several files at a time.
Clients won’t anymore have to select and send files one by one.

Of course no ActiveX or java applet is required.

This latest Weezo version also brings a lot of small new features, bugfixes and improvements.

Uprgrading from previous versions is strongly encouraged…

new Other new features
  • Application: included bandwidth meter (weezoPicoNetMeter.exe)
  • Application: direct links can be created directly from Windows explorer (right click integration)
  • Application: Weezo can be run as Windows Service (2000, 2003, XP, Vista)
  • Application: real-time application of configuration, creation and removal of resources to connected users
  • Application: possibility to view an history of connections and to track content viewed by users
  • Application: tray icon’s tooltip show detailed server info (state, external IP, connected users…)
  • Application: SSL certificate is now generated using actual server name (IP address)
  • Remote desktop: quality and speed can be dynamically adjusted
  • Remote desktop: graphical display of special keys
  • Photos: slideshow speed can be dynamically adjusted
  • Photos: photos can be sorted by name, size or date
  • Photos (mosaic): new thumbnails display
  • Photos (checkerboard): a preview is displayed when hovering over thumbnails
  • Flash audio player: next track pre-buffering, non-linear volume control
  • Audio libraries: ID3 tag embedded images supported, better cover detection algorithm, better handling of ID3 tags
  • Audio libraries: ASF, WMA, M4P, QT, AAC, AIF, FLAC and OGG tags supported
  • Audio libraries: playlists can be played in external players (m3u format)
  • Audio libraries: album artist used for grouping
  • iTunes library: iTunes 8 compatibility (cover art)
  • Files explorer: tooltips display folders content
  • WebTV: now compatible with VLC>0.9.0, new flash player, Wii compatible

bugfixes Bugfixes
  • Application: application hangs at first startup on UPnP failure
  • Application: ever restarting server when Apache access logs enabled
  • Application: cleaner uninstall
  • Remote administration: data problem in resources configuration
  • Remote desktop: image flickering in Opera 9.5x
  • Remote desktop: problems sending some characters in clipboard
  • Photos: slideshow misc. Problems (double caching images, keyboard shortcuts not working, flickerings…)
  • Photos: thumbnails generation issues on Win 2000/2003.
  • Photos: session hanging on thumbnails generation
  • Videos: session hanging when launching a video streaming
  • Files explorer: direct access button couldn’t be clicked
  • Music: server crash when reading malformated ID3 tags
  • Music: non-mp3 songs could not be played by flash player if no maximum quality set
  • Flash audio player: incorrect song name displayed
  • Bookmarks configuration: edition options no more disabled when FF3 is installed
  • Local HTML site: any HTML home page can be set
  • Chat: "XML Error" when opened in Weezo user interface
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes…

  • Application / server: global performance improvement
  • Application: better UPnP port forwarding
  • Application: upgraded to Apache 2.2.10
  • Application: translations updated
  • Application: new opcode (Xcache)
  • Remote desktop: global performance improvement